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Prime Time Athletics NFL Approved Youth Flag Football

The Game

  • At the start of the game, captains from both teams shall meet at midfield for the coin toss to determine who shall start with the ball. The visiting team shall call the coin toss.
  • The winner of the coin toss gets the choice if they want offense or defense first. If they choose offense, then the other team chooses the end zone it would prefer to defend. Teams may not choose to defer to the second half.
  • The offensive team takes possession of the ball at it’s 5-yard line and has four (4) plays to cross midfield. Once a team crosses midfield, it has four (4) plays to score a touchdown
    • On 4th down, the team can choose to go for it or punt.
    • If the team chooses to punt, the ball will be placed at the opposing team’s 5-yard line.
    • If the team elects to go for it and does not make it, the ball will then be placed where that play ended. – Except if the offensive team elects to go for it inside the 5-yard line going in for a touchdown and they do not make it, the ball will then be placed on the 5-yard line.
  • 14u and 17u divisions will have 3 downs instead of 4. There will not be a choice to punt. Ball will be placed at the 5-yard line.
  • All possession changes, except interceptions, start on the offense’s 5-yard line.
    • Interceptions may be returned in normal play. The only exception is if the leading team is up in points by more than 28 and the ball is intercepted, then the ball is dead at that point on the field.
  • Teams change sides after the first half. The team that started on defense the 1st half will start on offense the 2nd half.

Tournament Play:

  • Under no circumstances can you have a player that has not been on your seasons team roster play in the tournament. If this happens, your team will automatically be disqualified from the tournament. No Exceptions!
  • In tournament or playoff situations, an overtime period will be used to determine a winner in all divisions.
  • Each team will have (2) 30 second time-outs per half for ALL tournaments.

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