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Prime Time Athletics NFL Approved Youth Flag Football

Live Ball / Dead Ball

  • The ball is LIVE at the snap of the ball and remains LIVE until the official whistles the ball DEAD.
  • The official will indicate the neutral zone and the line of scrimmage. In regards to a neutral zone infraction, the official may give both teams a “courtesy” to allow their players to move back beyond the line.
  • The play is still live when a “neutral zone” infraction occurs. After the play, the team without the infraction will make a decision on whether to accept the penalty.
  • A player who gains possession in the air is considered in bounds as long as (1) foot comes down in the field of play.
  • The defense may not mimic the offensive team while the QB is calling out signals to start the play.
  • Substitutions may be made on ANY dead ball.
  • Any official can whistle the play dead.
  • Play is ruled DEAD when:
    – the ball hits the ground
    – the ball carrier’s flag is pulled
    – the ball carrier steps out of bounds
    – a touchdown, PAT or safety is scored
    – the ball carrier’s knee or arm hits the ground
    – the ball carrier’s flag falls out
    – the receiver catches the ball while in possession of one flag
    – an inadvertent whistle is performed (at the spot where the ball was whistled dead)


  • In the case of an inadvertent whistle, the offense has two options:
  • – take the ball where the whistle blew
    – replay the down from the original line of scrimmage
  • Note: there are NO fumbles. The ball is spotted where the ball hits the ground.
  • A team is allowed to use a time out to question an official’s rule interpretation.
    – If the rule is interpreted incorrectly, the time out will not be charged and the proper ruling will be enforced.
    – Officials should all agree upon any controversial call in order to give each team the full benefit of each call.
    – If the ruling is correct then the team will be charged a time out.


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