Prime Time Athletics

Prime Time Athletics NFL Approved Youth Flag Football


  • Touchdown: 6 Points
  • PAT (Point After Touchdown): 1 Point (5 Yard line) 2 Points (12 Yard line)

Note: 1 point PAT is PASS ONLY / 2 point PAT can RUN or PASS

  • Safety: 2 Points

– A Safety occurs when the ball carrier is declared down in his/her own end zone. They can be called down when their flags are pulled by a defensive player, their flags fall out, they step out of bounds or they hit the ground with their knee or arm if a bad snap ends in the end zone.
– A Safety occurs when there is an offensive penalty in the end zone.
A safety also occurs when the center makes a bad snap to the QB and the ball lands in the end zone.
– A safety is awarded if a sack takes place in the offensive team’s end zone.
– A team that scores a touchdown must declare whether it wishes to attempt a 1-pt conversion (from the 5-yard line) or a 2-pt conversion (from the 12-yard line). Any change, once a decision is made to try for the extra point, requires a charged timed out. Decision cannot be changed after a penalty. Interceptions on conversions CAN be returned. If interception gets returned to the other end zone, that team receives 1 point if the team tries a 1 point conversion and 2 points if teams tries a 2 point conversion.

  • Mercy Rule: After one team is winning by 28 points or more, the losing team gets (1) offensive series to continue regulation play. If they do not score, the game will go into scrimmage mode. Check with your local Prime Time Athletics League Commissioner for information on scrimmage mode.

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